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Larry Scott: Our home in Los Tules, the Gathering Place, is a great welcoming place in the neighborhood the last 20 years, right out the back gate of the Ranch! Our 7 kids and many friends have enjoyed this very special place for all of those years!  Coupled with the environment of open range with cattle and horse trails everywhere on and around the Hot Springs Mountain, this place has a real magic quality of healing energies; a very deep sense of OK-ness in the world.

Shown below are images of the riding enjoyed by the Scott family and friends.

Maya Streamer (snow chairs at pool, pools in snow)  "Since the day I was brought to the Warner Springs hot mineral pools by my parents, not a day went by when I didn't think about that water! I couldn't let the experience slip a generation. My kids were raised in those special pools too!" Maya Streamer-Lifer at the Warner Springs Ranch.

Shown below are the pools in snow

Testimonials -"Good Times at the Ranch"

We hear so often how connected people feel to the land in the area of Warner Springs Ranch, and how much fun they’ve had vacationing with their families over the years.  On this page we invite those of you who wish to share “Testimonials" of the good times you've experienced in the past at the Ranch,” by submitting any quotes, stories and photos of your most memorable visits Warner Springs Ranch.  
Byron Klemaske II:Byron on a trail ride with his daughter in law Lindsay, four of his grandsons, Hunter, Chase, Preston, & Lucas along with Dave Hart two days before Christmas 2016. This was a great family experience enjoyed by all. Thanks Dave.

Shown below is the Klemaske family at Warner Springs Ranch Resort.

Chris & Melodi Kreymann:  Dear Sirs,  We visited with our family (daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter) the ranch as soon as we heard you reopened the first ten rooms in early May.  As former ranch owners, we missed the ranch and looked forward to the opportunity to visit again.  We happened to be there while you were as well,  and so had the privilege of meeting you both.  While there, we found the staff to be wonderful and most helpful.  We enjoyed the area, visited Julian and Santa Isabel, frequently ate at the golf grill, which has been nicely updated, and our daughter and granddaughter enjoyed riding at the equestrian center.

Up until the ranch sold, we were frequent visitors and usually went whenever we could string a few days together or if there was a holiday. Both of our children grew up visiting the ranch.  We are hoping for the same opportunity for our granddaughter.  Our children learned tennis, golf, and horseback riding on the ranch.  It was a wonderful place for children to be free to roam in a safe environment. 

We always brought a big group of family and friends up with us when we went.  We even brought the soccer team and their families.  One year we had a Christmas family reunion on the ranch and had many aunts, uncles, cousin, etc. come from out of state to attend.  It is a cherished memory.  We were most fond of the old section and would rent as many of the cottages above the pool as was allowed.  Our cousin was also a ranch owner and would rent as many cottages and rooms as she could as well.  So, we always had quite a large group with us. 

After 5 years, we are still asked about the ranch and when and if it will open again. 
Based on our 30 or so years experience with the ranch, we trust that you will consider the following observations:

  • The people we brought to the ranch loved it because of the history, scenery, and amenities. 
  • They loved the cottages and all the mature landscaping.
  • There were equestrians among us that who went riding every time we went to the ranch.
  • There were those who loved to play tennis while there.
  • There were a few who enjoyed the golf course.
  • Everyone, and we mean down to the last person, loved the hot springs pool.  Some hung out there all day, and others enjoyed it after dinner, but everyone absolutely loved it!  The only time we ever saw the pools empty was when staff cleaned them.

It is our feeling that the pools are an integral part of the Warner’s Springs Ranch experience.  The hot springs during cool weather and at night and the fresh water pools during the heat of the summer.  There are lots of golf resorts and resorts that offer tennis and horseback riding.  The springs, along with ranch history, are what makes the place such a special experience.  We would love to be able to bring groups of friends and family members back up to the ranch to enjoy everything it has to offer.  So, we are hoping you will be able to get the pools up and running soon.

We truly love the ranch and we’re sure we will be back to check on your progress in the near future.  Until then, we hope you will keep us in the loop, and let us know what’s happening at the ranch.

Wishing you much success,

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