Testimonials -"Good Times at the Ranch"

We hear so often how connected people feel to the land in the area of Warner Springs Ranch, and how much fun they’ve had vacationing with their families over the years.  On this page we invite those of you who wish to share “Testimonials" of the good times you've experienced in the past at the Ranch,” by submitting any quotes, stories and photos of your most memorable visits Warner Springs Ranch.  

Kathryn Fletcher: (snow cottages) Warner Springs is blessed with a four season climate but for Southern Californians a winter snowstorm is a special memory and nature takes on a beautiful coat of white. Sometimes snow comes as early as Christmas and as late as Easter.  A special memory of mine is going to the pools in a snowstorm with my family. Lying on the bottom of the hot pool as it was being filled with fresh sulfur water from the springs, catching snowflakes on our tongues and having the hot water run over us was heavenly.
Shown below are the cabins on "Broadway" in a snowstorm

Maya Streamer
(snow chairs at pool, pools in snow)  "Since the day I was brought to the Warner Springs hot mineral pools by my parents, not a day went by when I didn't think about that water! I couldn't let the experience slip a generation. My kids were raised in those special pools too!" Maya Streamer-Lifer at the Warner Springs Ranch.

Shown below are the pools in snow

Larry Scott: Our home in Los Tules, the Gathering Place, is a great welcoming place in the neighborhood the last 20 years, right out the back gate of the Ranch! Our 7 kids and many friends have enjoyed this very special place for all of those years!  Coupled with the environment of open range with cattle and horse trails everywhere on and around the Hot Springs Mountain, this place has a real magic quality of healing energies; a very deep sense of OK-ness in the world.

Shown below are images of the riding enjoyed by the Scott family and friends.

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