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Warner Springs Ranch Resort
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Operated by Pacific Hospitality Group, Inc.

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Bicycling & Hiking Trails

(Opening 2017)

Bicycling and Hiking Trails – The enjoyment of the scenic hiking trails take shape in two ways, 1) you can enjoy a portion of the historic Pacific Crest Trail that travels from Mexico to Canada some 2,600 miles and 2) you can join in on the California Riding and Hiking Trail which also traverse the ranch property.  Then of course you can join groups hiking or riding around the resort on trails and pathways that interconnect resort activity centers.  State Route 79 is a designated riding segment within San Diego County bicycling master plan.

Hikers, runners, non-motorized bikers and pets all enjoy their daily activities, stay fit and have fun, regardless of age or skill level at Warner Springs Ranch Resort – There is always a path or trail that will fit your appetite for exercise.


An outstanding family oriented or couples activity that will start at the resort with a brief history of the area, then we will transport you and your group in an air conditioned van over to beautiful Lake Henshaw.  Lake Henshaw is eight miles to the southeast of the resort.  Once at the lake, we will outfit you into two or one person kayaks, with life vests and a brief orientation on how to use kayaks, as well as where to go on the lake.  We have arranged for a Warner Springs Beach
area for those who would like to stop for a snack or beverage.  


All kayaking tours will be 3 hours in length with 2 hours directly on the lake.  We will be providing two kayaking tours on a seasonal basis - morning tour 8:30-11:30 and an afternoon tour 1:30-4:30.