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The People and The Place -Continued

The entire valley is here referred to a San Jose Valley, the name given it by the Spanish.  Within this valley, terms which appear in the report are rancho San Jose del Valle (on which the study project is located), rancho Valle de San Jose immediately to the South, and Warner's Ranch, which is usually not a reference to the Hot Springs, but which may include both.

San Jose Valley is broad basin situated between great mountain masses, Palomar to the Northwest, Hot Springs Mountain to the East.  To the Southwest the Mesa Grande rises sharply.  At an elevation of about 6,000 feet, the summit of Hot Springs Mountain is mesa like and part is occupied by meadows, park-like  forest, and brush thickets.  The western slope of the mountain descends in a series of ridges and spurs and extends across the basin to the flood plain.  Through its canyons drain the streams that make up the headwaters of the San Luis Rey River.  The major confluence of drainage is into the northwestern part of the valley.

Located in this valley are several hot springs which the Cupa Indians considered the center of their territory.  In 1795, they were in a unique situation, with control of a highly desirable natural resource.  They were closely surrounded by three different neighboring cultures.  To the North and east were the closely related Cahuilla.  To the West and northwest were the Luiseno, and to the South were the Iipay/Kumeyaay.  Both the Luiseno and the Iipay had villages within San Jose Valley.

Stewards of this beautiful land

The natural environment that Warner Springs Ranch calls home is special to our staff and guests. We take seriously our responsibility as Stewards of this beautiful land: we have instituted recycling and waste reduction programs; we refrain from using chemicals in our maintenance, housekeeping and laundry, and will institute a linen reuse program for our guests when the resort reopens.  We also are studying the opportunities available to use alternative energy.

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